Home and business lighting systems are not something you want to have to think about; that’s our job! From designing just the right lighting system for your home or business to keeping it properly maintained for optimal performance and efficiency, we worry about lighting maintenance so you don’t have to.


As with any part of your home or business life, when it comes to lighting you want more bang for your buck. In lighting terms, that means delivering more lumens per watt (LPW). Achieving that goal is, in part, a matter of having the right equipment. Our experienced team can perform a lighting audit to determine which parts of your current system are operating efficiently and which parts are costing you more money than they should. Where appropriate, we’ll help you to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting—from selecting the right fixtures, to engineering services, and on to installation. We handle initial lighting design, custom retrofits, and ongoing servicing to make sure you have the most efficient equipment and that it’s working to its full potential.

Operations and Management

Having the right equipment is only the first part of an efficient, cost-effective lighting system. Just like car maintenance, lighting maintenance causes you fewer headaches and costs you less money when you’re being proactive and not just responding to things that go wrong. Take light bulbs, for instance. An effective lighting maintenance program will get maintenance costs under control by staying ahead of burned-out bulbs. And our experienced team will see to proper disposal of old bulbs to ensure safety.

Did you know that some bulbs lose a significant amount of their brightness over time? When that happens, you’re paying for more watts just to get the same amount of light. And then there’s cleaning. Just keeping your lighting fixtures properly cleaned and maintained helps ensure your lighting dollars aren’t being wasted.

With a proper lighting maintenance program in place, you’ll keep your lighting systems at peak performance for the life of your building. Call us for a lighting system audit to determine where we can save you money on your energy bill.