Voice and Data Installations

Everon Electrical ContractorsVoice and Data Installations

Cable Installation

Everon Electrical Contractors specializes in voice and data cable installation for the greater Scranton PA area. If your commercial or industrial location requires Cat or Fiber Optic cabling; we are here to help. We install and repair a wide variety of data network and voice cabling amongst other electrical contacting services that we offer. We will run all of the cable, setup the datacenter and power the entire infrastructure.

Voice and Data Network Services we Offer:

  • Area of Refuge 2-way Emergency Communication Systems
  • Emergency Blue Light Telephones (EBLT)
  • Cat 5, Cat 6, and Cat 7 Cabling
  • Run and Setup Conduit and Cable Tray
  • Wireless Duress Systems
  • Underground Duct Banks
  • Fiber Optics Cabling
  • Intercommunications Systems (InterCom)
  • Land Mobile Radio Stations
  • Mass Emergency Notification Systems
  • Master Clock Atomic Clock Systems
  • Nurse Call Stations
  • Patch Paneling and Network
  • PBX Telephone Systems
  • Racks, Wiring and Grounding
  • Switch Rooms and Wiring Closets

Fiber Optic Cabling

Greater Scranton Area Fiber Optic Installation Contractors

Fiber Optic cables carry far more bandwidth then traditional medal cables and are highly resilient to transference and attenuation. The can reach up to a maximum of 111 Gigabytes (GB) per second transfer. Thats nearly an entire hard drive of information sent between two parties in one second. Ordinarily the speed of fiber is between 10 and 40 GB per second. Still extremely faster considering DSL is around 2 – 12 Megabyte (MB) per second and Cable ranges from 5 – 100 MB. Well under fibers minimal data transfer rate considering 1GB = 1024MB. As you could imagine, fiber is quickly becoming the preferred solution for commercial internal networking.

Fiber Optic cabling is also a lot more secure and immune from electromagnetic interference (EMI). No matter how many cables, wireless or cell towers are in your area, your network will still be lighting fast.

If network security is paramount for your commercial or industrial facility then fiber optic cabling in the perfect choice for you or your business. Although it can be tapped it takes a great deal of knowledge, expense and physical access to the wire. The technology alone is something a novice rogue employee does not have immediate access to.

Fiber Optic Design, Installation, Integration and Repair

Everon Electrical Contractors, located in Moosic PA, will design, install and fully integrate your commercial or industrial fiber optic network. We offer a wide range of additional voice and data networking services for our customers in the the Scranton, Stroudsburg, Wilkes-Barre and Poconos area.

We install and setup the following:

  • Multimode 62.5/125 (OM1) Data Comms Direct Ltd
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM2) Video & Data Comms Direct Ltd Systems
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM3) Gigabit Ethernet an 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 300m
  • Singlemode 8/125 (OS1) Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 2km.
  • All internal/external grade fiber optic cables.

Data, Networking Room Restoration

Everon Electrical Contractors, realizes that as networks and business grows your existing infrastructure needs to grow with it. The problem is, unless you have preallocated an extremely large networking and data room, as your network and communication hardware grows your small room will become extremely cluttered and unmanageable. That is where we come in. Will will expand your space or completely reengineer the entire room. We take a great deal of pride in bringing order to the chaos.