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Smart Home Installation Contractors

Imagine online and mobile access to nearly every device in your home. The ability to turn on and turn off lights, increase or decrease the heat and even monitor your security cameras all from your mobile phone. This power, referred to as a “Smart Home” technology is actually called a “Control Automation System. Our electrical contractors will install the ultimate Control Automation System that will provide you complete access to your home security, heating, entertainment and even electrical systems from anywhere in the world. Imagine pushing one simple button that controls your entire new home entertainment system. Simplicity at its best!

Smart Lighting

Leave a light on? No big deal, just login and turn it off from your mobile phone. Actually, our smart lighting installation contractors, located near Scranton PA, can install smart lighting systems that can even monitor movement and shutoff automatically saving you a fortune on electrical bills.

Control your lights from anywhere in the world or simply anywhere in your home. You can dim your internal and external lights from the comfort of your couch or bed by pressing a single button. You can even setup a room that automatically turns on the lights, radio and open the shades in the morning. All automated and customized to your lifestyle.

Smart Heating Systems

Smart Heating Systems provide a great deal of comfort for your family, at a relative low cost. These systems are extremely intelligent and actually learn your day-to-day lifestyle. One of their greatest features that they offer, is the ability to automatically regulate the temperature of your home when your awake while greatly saving you precious money, when you are not home or asleep. They system will actually turn up the heat or air conditioning during your peak hours and down during off peak.

Nearly all of the Smart Heating Systems are connected directly to the Internet and offer mobile access to your control panel. If for some reason you forgot, or you would like to change a core setting, you can do so from anywhere in the world directly from your mobile device. This online mobile access, offers you and your family the piece of mind when you’re not home or on vacation. There is no reason to waste heating oil, gas or electricity when you’re not even around!

Structured Wiring Systems

Everon Electrical Contractors services include a complete range of solutions that will greatly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your home or business. Our structured wiring systems are personalized to your home or business requirements. We can setup and run cable, satellite, phone, data and even fiber optics wiring throughout your home or office. Your custom designed system will include very sophisticated wiring protocols built into the walls with an integrated residential gateway that will serve as the central hub for your electronics and data network. These are just one of many solutions that we will install to make sure that your home or business is setup in a safe and efficient manner. It’s very important that every aspect of your Structured Wiring System is installed correctly. We take a great deal of pride in our work and we are sure you will see the results.

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