Green Renewable Energy

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Hydroelectric Water Power

Man has been using water to produce energy since the dawn of time. The earliest Watermill, on record dates back to the Roman Empire. Back then of course they didn’t produce electricity, but the overall idea still remains the same. Flowing water, turns gears in this case turbines, that creates energy and is later turned into electricity. This form of green renewable energy is called hydroelectric power or hydropower for short.

Biomass & Geothermal

There are many opportunities for renewable energy. Some of the obvious ones are: Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric systems, all of which, Everon Electrical Contractors installs, but there are others you might not be as familiar with. Energy can literally be converted from organic materials such as wood or corn. Heat can also be pulled directly from inside the earth through the use or thermal energy. All of which can produce electricity or at the very least eliminate heating costs.

Biomass Energy

Bioenergy, sometimes often referred to as Biomass Energy is literally energy that is produced from organic materials. Most often corn, wood, or even straw is sometimes used to produce electricity.

Biomass energy is an excellent way to burn waste. Pretty much as long as it burns it can generate heat and energy. Even landfills can generate electricity through the use of both the burning of the trash and the methane gas that it releases.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy takes advantage of the Earth’s relatively constant internal heat. About 10 feet below the Earth’s surface the temperature is between 50°-60° F. For heating purposes geothermal is fantastic. Most homeowners maintain an internal temperature between 60°- 70°F degrees all year round anyways. The earth would literally provide all or a majority of the houses temperature, without much electrical use.

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Everon Electrical Commercial Contractors are very proud to be a leader in renewable energy systems and energy-efficient technologies in Scranton and Eastern Pennsylvania. We’re here not only to save the earth, but to save you money through the use of alternative energy.