Home Theater Installation

Everon Electrical ContractorsHome Theater Installation

Stop spending a fortune in movie theaters when you can design your own custom home theater. Our home theater installation contractors will setup the entire home entertainment system, from the physical room construction, to the wiring of the audio and video system. We will help you select the best theater and surround sound system for your new room.

We specialize in high-end home theater installations, including front projectors with screens, extremely comfortable movie theater seating and high performance THX and Dolby digital surround sound systems. We will setup acoustical wall and roof treatments, integrated custom lighting, electrical wiring, room construction and automation control of the entire room regardless of size. Our mission is to design and create a custom home theater system that will not only greatly increase the value of your home, but also provide your family and friends the best at-home movie experience.

Audio and Video Installation

Stop using your phone or iPod in each room just to listen to music. Our audio and video installation contractors can install a custom complete home audio and video solution that provides sound throughout the entire house in every room you go. Imagine waking up in the morning to music that follows you through your morning routine.

Enjoy watching video everywhere with easy to operate audio and video controls. Depending on your budget, our electrical contractors can install simple volume control systems, to highly advanced and interactive computer devices that actually have their own integrated keypads. These devices allow you the ability to control your digital music or video libraries from any room in your house.

Acoustical Designed Room

One of the most difficult aspects to a perfect home theater installation is room acoustics. It’s imperative that your room is acoustically designed correctly. Each corner, roof alignment, walls and even the floor has to be constructed for optimal sound quality. Our audio and video installation contractors will optimize your new home theater for the best sound and acoustics available. We will install the perfect acoustical wall panels, acoustical ceiling panels and the complete full room installation. We will make sure the sound is perfect!

Electrical Contractors

Without electricity your home theater won’t run! We are, first and foremost, electrical engineers. Were experts in every facet of electrical contracting from industrial to residential installations, testing and repair.

Everon Electrical Contractors has a large coverage area. We provide high quality home theater installation services from Pennsylvania.

We are the primary trusted team for North East Pennsylvania, including Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Clarks Summit, Dickson City and surrounding areas. Don’t trust just anyone to install the perfect audio and video system. If they don’t know what they are doing the sound and video quality will suffer. It’s important that you receive the ultimate acoustics and high definition video resolution that you deserve and we will provide.

Contact at us anytime and we will gladly sit down with you and go over your requirements to make your inspiration come true. You can call us at 570-451-1046 or email us at contact@everonelectrical.com.