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Everon Electrical ContractorsCommercial Security and Alarm Systems

At Everon Electrical Contractors, Inc. we fully understand the importance that a commercial security system provides. We know that choosing the perfect alarm and security system is of upmost importance to your business and ours. Whether you have a small office, warehouse or a large retail store; you want to know that your business products, office equipment, important documents and staff are protected. Everon Electrical Contractors, Inc., through our close affiliation with ADT, Vector, and other security and alarm system companies can provide you and your business with a comprehensive commercial security systems, emergency systems and alarm systems solution.

As a trusted full service commercial electrical contracting firm, located near Scranton PA, we offer a wide range of electrical engineering services. We install commercial security systems, emergency management systems, alarms, sirens, CCTV and VOIP cameras, window sensors, etc. We are North Eastern Pennsylvania’s complete security system contracting installation and repair company.

Our Commercial Security Systems include:

  • Commercial Security Access ControlThis is the perfect solution for a majority of small businesses. This after-hours security system provides your basic out of the box alarm, type the password in the panel and enable or disable your alarm. These systems use a security password panel in conjunction with motion detection devices to ensure that only authorized personnel access the facility when staff is not present, typically at nighttime. Higher-quality basic access control systems are linked to remote monitoring sensors and command posts that call and notify either private security or police response teams in the event of an alarm signal. When you think of a security system, this is the system that you are most likely familiar with.
  • Fire Protection Alarm SystemsOne of the greatest features of our systems is they are fully integrated with your fire and emergency alarms. They detect and notify the command center that, in turn, calls and dispatches emergency fire departments to your business’s location. The system monitors temperature changes, smoke, and sends alarms when sensors are outside of their range.
  • Video Surveillance SystemsDesigned to work together seamlessly, our video security solutions provide you with the video surveillance technology you need to deter burglary, theft, and illegal activity at your office or commercial facility.

Our video surveillance and monitoring solutions, protects your privacy by securing all communications leaving your security system. Our providers use remote monitoring servers, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and encryption to make sure that your information is safe from prying eyes, while allowing you and your company the piece of mind knowing what is going on at your location. Its important, not only as a deterrent, but as a safety measure to monitor your business in as many locations as possible.

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Everon Electrical Contractors provides electrical engineering for commercial and office security systems for business owners in the Scranton PA Metropolitan area in addition to businesses throughout Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact us anytime!